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How to add value to your clients so they love you even more!

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You’ve been hearing it for a while now. This concept of inbound marketing. Content, content, content. Giving your best stuff away for free. eBooks, webinars, how-to guides. Is it a little mind-boggling to you? Are you kind of just overwhelmed with it all, so choosing to do none of it? I get it.

Here’s the thing. These things are all amazing, and they do work really well. And I can teach you the tricks of the trade in no time. But that’s not what this article is about. Because whilst all those things are great value to customers and prospective customers. I do believe that good old relationship building is pretty darn good to do too.

Most wellness professionals work on a time for money basis (although if you jump onboard one of our programmes, I’ll teach you how to change this!), meaning you have X hours in the week that are billable, and you’re pretty much capped at that point. So what can you do, when you’re maxed out on time, to add extra value to your customers so they love you even more? 

1. Dedicate “check-in” time

Each week, put aside 60 minutes of your time, and contact 5-6 clients. It could be ten minutes per day, or you could do it all in one block. Each week is 5-6 different clients. And check in with them. Find out how they are. Are they staying accountable to the goals they are working on with you? Whether it’s nutrition, fitness, rehabilitation or sleep patterns, you should always have something you can be following up on. The thing is, sometimes our clients get so busy, they just forget to rebook with us. So this check in call could be just the reminder they need to make another appointment. They’ll feel the love because you’ve gone out of your way to check on them. 

2. Remember their milestones

This could be birthdays, anniversaries, family changes – remember them, and acknowledge them. Whether it’s an automated email, or a personally handwritten card, it’s the thought that counts, and that’s what they’ll appreciate. Because generally as consumers, we don’t really expect the people who are taking our money, to remember us as more than just a number. I mean we’d like to think they do, but sometimes the reality is just we’re a transaction. So remember your clients are real people, who have real things happening in their lives. 

3. Celebrate with them

It doesn’t always have to be all about business. Take them out for a drink, grab lunch with them, and build great rapport outside of the day-to-day business. Not only will your client really appreciate the gesture, I’m sure they’ll enjoy getting to know you in a relaxed setting. It doesn’t have to be costly either. But remember at the end of the day, these guys are the ones paying your bills, so you want to keep them onboard. You want to continue to do business with them, which means continuing to have a relationship with them.

4. Have AWESOME communication

For me personally, one of the things that really gets me down is when a business doesn’t communicate effectively. When things go wrong, they stick their heads in the sand, and try to burrow their way out, hoping you won’t notice. Or they forget to tell you what changes are going on in your business. Please don’t be one of those guys. 

Having awesome communication literally means, communicating well with your clients. Having a regular e-newsletter, or a Facebook group, or text messages that go out. Letting your clients know well in advance if you’re going to be away, or appointments need to be changed. And putting a positive spin on it all. Communication is key. It needs to be a priority.

5. Be prepared

This is super simple, but I’ve seen it happen after having been in business for a while, consultants start to slack a little, and rely on their repetitive knowledge for a session, rather than being prepared for each individual client. I’m a firm believer in showing your client you are prepared and have come equipped with the best knowledge and resources needed for them. They’re paying you valuable money for valuable time. They don’t want the generic option that everyone gets. They want to know that you have thought about their individual needs and created a plan accordingly. 


This is super simple stuff right? Easy to implement, but also often easy to forget. But when it comes down to it, what you’re really trying to do is build awesome rapport and long-lasting relationships with your clients, so they love you, and keep coming back for more! 

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