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5 Fundraising Ideas For Your Next Event

Fundraising Ideas and Community Events

Have you landed the Chief Fundraiser Gig? The writer of Sponsorship Proposals? Is your club or organisation relying on you to pull off the fundraising event of the year? Meanwhile, are you sitting there wondering how on earth you can overhaul the ten year old annual quiz night and disco? That’s probably why you Google searched “cool fundraising ideas” just now to bring you to this blog post. Don’t stress – you’ve come to the right place.

I spent the better part of 10 years as a volunteer for several organisations, and one thing that was always consistent was we needed fundraising and sponsorship to keep us going. And it was hard work. It relied heavily on volunteers, manpower, and businesses being generous with their time and donations. There are the tried and tested fundraising ideas that more often than not will work, selling pies and chocolates, kids disco, adults quiz night, etc. But if you’re looking for something different to try, check out these ideas below.

5 Fundraising Ideas to try:

1. Market Day

Whilst this can be a serious amount of work, and definitely requires a team to put it together, the opportunities that can evolve from this are endless. At the bare minimum, you can raise money by charging the stall holders to be a part of your Market Day. But what really works well in these events are all the little extras – the home baking that families contribute to your organisation to be sold on the day, the games to keep children entertained while Mum and Dad browse the stalls, face painting, balloons, the list is endless. You could even give it a country theme and include some old-fashioned harvest competitions (biggest pumpkin, funniest shaped potato kind of thing), baking competitions and more. Tip: Try to find a venue that has good parking available, you want to make it easy for your market-goers to attend!

2. Work Together With Businesses

Often businesses really would love to help you, but their budgets are limited and they really have to justify their donations. So when you’re asking them for donations and sponsorship, don’t ask for a handout. You want to provide them with an opportunity. Something they can get value from too. If you’re a school or your organisation works with children and families, why not build a relationship with a children’s entertainment venue. Create a campaign whereby anytime families from your organisation visit their business, you receive a portion of the entry fee. Not only will you work hard to ensure your families are visiting their business, but the business gets new visitors.

3. Movie Night

Not just any old movie night, how about a drive-in movie? Like they do in – you know – the movies! There are some legalities that will come with this (making sure you have permission from the copyright holder for starters), and there is the cost of screening the movie, but done right, it can be a great time! Charge cars to come in, and have some great food stalls on site and your night will go off with a bang. Especially if you include fireworks at the end!

4. The Quiz Night

If you’re really dead set on holding your annual quiz night, here are a few extra fundraising ideas to help bring the event to life and maximise your opportunity. Make the event inclusive of dinner. Either you can cater it yourself, or search for a catering company to sponsor the food, but by providing dinner you can then add to the entry price per person. Another idea is to throw in some clues or cheats that are available at a cost. Teams can “buy” their way to first place (or at least a few extra steps to their advantage), all for the cause of your fundraiser of course. Include a silent auction, and have the items visible to the side of the room, so that people can peruse on the night and make bids. Tip: No matter what you decide to include in your Quiz Night, be sure to have a great MC, as they can really amp up the atmosphere of the room, and often help with tapping into people’s sense of giving.

5. A Garage Sale

I’ve seen this fundraising idea work many times in the past and it can be a really effective day when done well. Collect items from the people within your organisation, it shouldn’t be hard, many people are always thinking “we must have a garage sale some day” but never quite get around to it. On top of this, offer the opportunity for people to sell their own items in a carboot sale. Your garage sale can be within your building, and the carboot sale can be lined up on the lawn (or carpark) out front. Again, similar to the Market Day you can add other activities to build this up, food stalls, homebaking, face painting etc. Any items leftover at the end of the day can be delivered (or often picked up) to the Salvation Army or your local Hospice Shop.

So what do you think? Have we motivated you to think outside the box? If you’re ready to start your fundraising campaign, have a chat to us about our Fundraising Event Packages that we provide non-profit organisations and groups. You can contact us on 027 774 8790 or info@m4collective.com

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