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Setting intentions to achieve your goals

One of the things that I used to struggle with, is having all these goals in my head, but never really having clear drive to reach them. A mixture of procrastination, uncertainty, limiting beliefs and poor time management contributed to the lack of getting things done. Oh and one other thing. Over-committing myself. I would say yes to things other people wanted, and my goals would be bumped down the priority list. Until eventually, they just weren't on my radar. I was focusing so much on the "needs for right now" and not enough on those goals that were important to me.

They would resurface every now and again, and I would get frustrated with myself, that another six months had passed and I still hadn't done XYZ. Before I knew it, 12 months had passed. And longer. I was busy doing, but not really getting anywhere with my goals. What was wrong with me?!

My problem was, I wasn't really focusing in on those goals. I wasn't visualising them, setting intentions, making them SMARTER and I wasn't 100% committed to them. I was afraid I would fail. And I was taking the easy way out by doing my constant day-to-day.

That is, until I got stuck into a really great coaching tool that I now use everyday for myself, and with my clients. It's super simple. It's Intention Setting. I commit to a timeframe, say it out loud, visualise it, and display it where I will see it often. And to make extra sure I'm set up to succeed, I share it with others for that true accountability component.

Why does this coaching tool work? It makes us get crystal clear on what it is we are working towards. It focuses our mind on where we are heading and provides direction. And most of all, it's a process that allows for some serious reflecting on what we really want our goals to be. Because hey - if I'm going to set an intention, it's going to be something I achieve.

Have you tried intention setting before? Would you like to? I'm chucking out five FREE 30 minute online coaching sessions, to take people through the process, so you can get a taste of what it's like to hone in on your goals. Do you want to be one of those five? Contact us here and we'll make it happen.

I've also put together a Weekly Planner as a FREE gift for you to download below. This will help you with weekly intention setting as you start out. I'd love to hear if you try it out, it's worked so well for me. You can even check out my February intentions that I put out for accountability here. What will you commit to doing this month?

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