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Work With Us – For Individuals

Discovery Session

If you've been considering getting a coach, or you think coaching might be the support you need in your life right now, Amy offers all our new coaching clients a FREE discovery session. Your discovery session is a chance to take a quick look into what coaching will be like, and to make sure you and Amy are the right fit. To book your discovery session, complete our pre-coaching application here.

Success Programme (6 or 12 months)

The Success Programme is our main coaching package for individuals, both private and corporate. The programme is packaged in either 6 or 12 month blocks, because we believe that the transformation that comes from coaching isn't an overnight change! Over six or 12 months, you'll receive one monthly session with Amy for one hour, either in person or by Zoom/Skype. You'll also receive regular phone and email check ins as and when you need the support.

Amy will work with you to identify your goal for the programme, and the goals during each session so that you are continuously working towards a place of success, where everything is as it is meant to be. There'll be lots of new awareness created, and some serious self-reflection and new perspectives. It's an exciting programme to undertake, but you need to be 100% sure you are ready to commit. 

To book your Success Programme (and a FREE discovery session), complete our pre-coaching application here.

Fast Track Leader Programme (6 or 12 months)

The Fast Track Leader Programme is an accelerated version of the Success Programme. Sessions are fortnightly in person or by Zoom/Skype calls for an hour, and are intense, stretching sessions. This programme is designed for both private and corporate, and will support you to confidently step into your leadership shoes. Accountability is key in this programme, and you'll receive ongoing support throughout your six or 12 month programme to make sure that the goals you set are reached. 

To book your Fast Track Leader Programme (and a FREE discovery session), complete our pre-coaching application here.

Self-Care & Life Balance Programme (6 or 12 months)

At the heart of what we do is our self, and if we're not looking after number one, then how can we really give 100% to anything else? This programme is designed with self-care and life balance in mind. The coaching is centred around your need to understand and place importance on self-care in your life. Amy will work through the barriers that hold you back from self-care (they're normal I promise) and support you to stay accountable to your self-care goals. 

In addition to monthly one hour sessions over six or 12 months, you'll receive worksheets and guides to support your self-care journey from Day 1. Amy will introduce you to the six elements of self-care and support you to identify opportunities for change so that you can live an even more amazing life. 

The programme is available for both private and corporate clients, and can be adapted to a group programme if desired, perfect for workplace wellness. 

To book your Self-Care & Life Balance Programme (and a FREE discovery session), complete our pre-coaching application here.

Life Review & Plan

Sometimes in life we just need to check in. Take a helicopter view of how we're doing, mix in some self-reflections and identify where on the track we are. That is exactly what we do in this 2.5 hour Life Review & Plan session.

Amy has some great coaching tools that will allow you to do an assessment on where you are in the different elements of your life, and where you'd like to be. You'll identify the areas you want to set goals in, and create an action plan to keep you on the path to your success. 

This is a great option if you have completed a coaching programme with Amy previously, or you aren't yet ready to commit to the six or 12 month programmes. 

If you're not sure which individual best suits you, chat to us about your needs and we can tailor a package to suit you. Contact us here.