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Meet Amy

My name is Amy. I'm a Coach. I'm a Mum. I'm an Entrepreneur.

Before all of this, I was a dedicated career gal, working in the Fitness Industry. But perhaps I should go back a little further because before that, whilst studying my Bachelor of Business, I worked in Accounting for five years.

Accounting. A "smart" choice. Good money, practical, respectable.

Also - boring as heck. It took me all of those five years to realise that I'm a creative and spirited person, and sitting at a desk in silence, navigating numbers and rules and regulations... Great experience nonetheless.

I fell into the fitness industry really, and it's where I stayed for eight years because I loved the environment and the people.

Fast forward through marriage, kiddies, and a few home moves, and I left my job for an entrepreneur lifestyle!

So here we are. I have two wonderful girls (aged 5 and 3) and a husband who has stuck by me through all the crazy dreams, elaborate plans (and sometimes lack of plans!), life-changing decisions and more. It's been a journey of 16 years with this guy, and I couldn't ask for a better husband!

Life In Business.

Since starting out in business, I've dipped my toes in a number of different spaces, exploring what resonates with me best, and where I can give the most value.

Now I coach and mentor individuals who are driven to living their best life. What does that look like?

For some, it's setting up a new business so they can ditch their 9-5, have freedom and flexibility and uncapped potential. For others, it's creating change in their personal life, giving them confidence, clarity, less stress and more happiness.

I also drop into the leadership zone throughout the year, training and coaching emerging leaders through a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

My mission? Simple. To build leadership capabilities and expand conscious mindsets, and to support people to align with their passion, purpose and soul.

I love working with individuals and organisations who are people-driven, centred on impact, and embrace the concept that anything is achievable. Those who brainstorm the possible, without getting stuck on the word impossible.

I'm so excited to have you here.

Amy x

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