Stepping Out In 2019


We're only two weeks into 2019 and already it feels like 2018 is a distant memory. I've well and truly made myself at home in the year of 2019.

Last year, there was so much NEW. Every day I was encountering something I hadn't experienced before. Learning to live and rely solely on myself to build the business, to generate income, to stimulate my mind, and to fuel my soul. There was no safety net anymore. No reliable, regular paycheck each fortnight. No hierarchy above me that I could fall-back to if decisions didn't pan out the results I wanted. The buck completely stopped with me.

I liken the first year in business to your first year as a parent.

There are so many similarities. Emotional roller coasters. Underestimating the magnitude of what I was getting myself into. And a deep-seated passion so strong for what I was doing, that the late nights, the surprises and the sacrifices were all worth it for what I was creating.

In 2018 I discovered a new person within myself. And that person was nurtured, and explored, and curiously questioned throughout the year, so that I could really, truly, wholly understand who I am now.

The year was a transformation.

And so leading into 2019, I come with a sense of self that I didn't have last year. An awakened consciousness of my purpose, my passion, my soul.

I come with confidence to be unapologetically me. And I come, trusting in the universe to guide my journey forward.

If I had to describe the year ahead, I would use the words BRAVE and COURAGEOUS. And honestly just thinking of these words fills me with butterflies. Because I know that to fulfill these words, to be brave and courageous, I must move away from my comfort zone. The thing is, my goals, both long-term and short-term, are big. Huge in fact. And to stay in my comfort zone, would mean letting go of any possibility of achieving them. Which is just not an option.

So I must be brave, and I must be courageous. Because my bigger picture needs me to be.

That is the power of really soul-aligned, emotionally fueled goals.

Of course it's not enough for me to just sit down and say, these are my words for the year. I'm a planner after all, so goals and intentions play a big role as well.

Check out:

Being brave and courageous in my personal life, for me means making decisions that are 100% in my best interests. This year I choose not to allow others thoughts and opinions to influence the way I should live my life.

We have these societal norms for literally everything in life, and I'm ready to throw them out the door and do life my own way. Define my own work/life make up. Stop listening to what I should be doing according to the experts, and start listening to my intuition, my own needs, and my soul.

I'm releasing my need to gain approval. To be considered doing things the right way. To be liked by all.

And by releasing these patterns and beliefs, I'm creating space and opening myself up to what truly aligns with me. Universe, bring me the goodness!

I'm stepping into my unique, individual self, and in turn, giving others permission to do the same. I'm embracing nature, spirituality, joy, fulfillment, and wonder in my world.

2019, you're about to be a year of big work in business too. Because the year of new, of calibrating, of finding my way is done. And now it is truly time to level up.

To be brave and courageous in my business, means to be building new projects, new relationships and collaborations, and new ways of doing in my business. The foundations are there, now it's time to build on them.

My courage shows up by giving amazing content to wonderful people like you! Through videos, through blog posts, through emails, through The Training Hub. Releasing any fears of rejection, fears of judgement, and fears of not knowing how it will play out.

Because again, I am trusting the good ol’ universe to pull through for me. I'm calling in the goods, opening myself up to success, to epicness, and to the opportunity to create an impact for others.

And now, here are my takeaways for you:

You are an amazing, courageous, unique, resourceful individual, with so much to give to the world. But if you're letting fears and limiting beliefs hold you back from doing so, not only are you limiting yourself, but your not giving others the opportunity to be impacted by your gifts.

When I consider what I'm doing, I simply ask myself if this change is good for me, good for others and good for the greater good? If it ticks all three boxes, I know its aligned with my purpose and I know it's a change worth making.

Lastly, if we're not feeling into our goals, we're not allowing ourselves to truly commit to them. So with every goal we set, every intention, it is so important that we acknowledge the feelings that are associated. Because our feelings will motivate our actions. The more we feel into our goal, the more committed we will become to them.

If this resonated with you, drop a comment below or flick me a message on social media to let me know! I'd love to hear from you x