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Coaching is about exploring new ideas. Leveling up in life. Tapping into your full potential. Creating new perspectives.
Blowing away past mindsets, past beliefs and past habits, and welcoming in new ones that serve you 100%. It’s about #goals.

Living your life with passion, purpose and soul isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s for individuals who are tuned in with their thoughts, their emotions, their intuition. It’s for people who have the courage and curiosity to explore all there is to explore about themselves, the good, the bad, and the changeable. With open eyes, open hearts, and a willingness to accept change.


Private Coaching Options


New to coaching, wondering how it might support you, or curious to know if we’d be a good fit?

This 30 minute call is perfect for ensuring we’re super aligned and in the right place to be working together - before we jump in.

One-Off focus session ($150)

Looking to explore an area of your passion, purpose and soul that needs to level up pronto? The one-off focus session is perfect.

A 45 minute coaching call, designed to focus in on one key area in your life (or business) that you want to work on.

10 week COACHING PROGRAMME ($1,380)

Welcome to the gold-mine of private coaching. This is how the majority of my clients choose to work with me, and it is jam-packed with some epic value.

The programme has been designed to get to the heart of what’s going on in your life, business, career and more, and how you can explore the potential that is sitting just out of reach.

All prices inclusive of NZ Goods and Services Tax (GST)
and are priced in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).


“Where focus goes, energy flows.”

- Tony Robbins

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Why coaching with amy?

There are 101 different places you could go for coaching (jokes - there’s loads more!), so why would you invest in coaching with me?

When you invest in coaching with me, you don’t just get an hour of my time. You get my whole ability to listen intently. My thought-provoking and creative questioning, that supports you to explore the unexplored. You get to absorb new soul-aligned energy, whilst embracing your passions and stepping into your purpose. Easy and effortless action steps that will guide you on your new pathway towards your goals.

You will find clarity, confidence and courage - that by the way, are all hiding in you waiting to be set free.

And of course, there are the tangibles, the session recordings, the worksheets, the reflections, the PDF action plans and more that come with the different coaching options.

Ready? Set? Get in touch!

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