Leadership Development

Influence. Lead. Coach. Mentor. Support. Strategise. Decide. Delegate. Inform. Educate. Serve.

Leadership comes in a variety of areas in our lives. It is not just reserved for the top of the food chain. How are you showing up for your community, your whānau, your business? Are you serving those you lead?


Leadership programme for emerging indigenous leaders

Are you ready to invest in your leadership journey? 
Are you ready to step into a space of self-exploration?
Are you ready to create new pathways for your career and life? 

EMERGE is a three month leadership programme, uniquely created with a holistic framework, and indigenous values weaved through it. The programme is designed to:

- tap into your self-awareness;
- develop your leadership capabilities;
- expand your conscious mindsets;
- introduce you to the fundamentals of leadership.

The programme is run over three months, broken up into three 2-day workshops. Each workshop has a specific focus area: 

- Workshop One - Leadership of Self (developing your self-awareness as an emerging leader)
- Workshop Two - You as the Leader (understanding the fundamentals of leadership)
- Workshop Three - Leading the Way (building your toolkit of leadership techniques, tools, skills and abilities)

In addition to the three workshops, each participant has three monthly 1-on-1 coaching sessions, to develop their individual leadership journey goals, incorporating the skills and knowledge you are absorbing as we go along.


$4,100+GST (early-bird)
$4,925+GST (full price)
Payment plans are available

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We also offer tailored professional development packages for organisations, one-off training days and bespoke coaching and leadership training packages. Contact us today to discuss your business needs.


Waikato Tainui Roopu - feb-apr 2019

In partnership with Waikato Tainui, EMERGE Leadership Programme was launched with five Waikato Tainui tribal members in February 2019.

The programme was tailored to the needs of the Waikato Tainui Career Pathways Team, who were looking to provide an opportunity to build leadership capabilities for tribal members who were showing leadership potential. Taking our holistic leadership framework with an indigenous lens, and overlaying Waikato Tainui tikanga, has created a unique opportunity where these individuals have come together to thrive.

We look forward to sharing the rest of their journey as they progress through the programme.