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Jacki Gran

Jacki Gran works in her home studio, splitting her time in Homestead, Florida and Lincoln, Maine. She works primarily in smalti, a traditional mosaic material. Smalti is a richly colored glass originating from the glass furnaces of Italy and Mexico. Most of her mosaics have accents using 24K Gold smalti creating incredible color, shine and reflectivity. Jacki is best known for her series of beautiful long necked, large-eyed mosaic girls. Most recently, Fire Within was awarded Best in Show at the juried Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA), 2021 Mosaic Arts International exhibition. Jacki is past president of SAMA and continues to serve on the SAMA Board of Trustees. She is passionate to share the opportunities that were opened to her by belonging to a mosaic organization like SAMA.


"I have always sketched girls with oversized eyes and long necks. When I began to mosaic, I found myself going back to these girls for inspiration. Over the years I've created dozens of mosaic girls and I love to develop their personalities with my materials. Other times I let the materials express my story in a non-objective creation."


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