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Jacki Gran

Jacki Gran, a New York native, moved to Miami Beach, Florida with her family when she was 12. She works primarily in the traditional mosaic material of Europe, smalti. Smalti is a richly colored glass originating from the glass furnaces of Italy and Mexico. What begins as molten glass is poured into flat slabs referred to as pizzas and then broken with special tools into smaller and smaller pieces. Gold smalti can be made in a number of colors by embedding a thin layer of gold leaf into transparent colored smalti creating incredible shine and reflectivity. While Jacki occasionally works abstractly, she is known for her beautiful long necked, large-eyed girls.


"I have always sketched girls with oversized eyes and long necks. When I began to mosaic, I found myself going back to these girls for inspiration. Over the years I've created dozens of mosaic girls and I love to develop their personalities with my materials. Other times I let the materials express my story in a non-objective creation."