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Julie Dilling

Julie Dilling was born in the Fort Worth area and after living in various locations with her parents (her father was in the Air Force), she continued traveling with her Army husband before returning to her roots. Julie is known for her striking sculptural mosaics. Whether wall mounted or resting on a pedestal, her mosaics are filled with smalti, stone, beads, glass, and found objects on hand-built substrates. Her work is inspired by her life experiences and the natural world around her. When she is not creating her stunning artwork, Julie can be found in the oceans and seas around the world observing the creatures and other sea life under the water.


"As a child of the Air Force, I have lived all over the world. My experiences in a variety of landscapes, and world cultures are apparent in my artwork. Working organically, I am drawn to designing 3D substrates on which I can create beautiful abstract mosaics. My intuitive approach brings a new perspective and personality to my mosaics. I find inspiration in everyday sites, objects, and feeling. I especially love the permanence of mosaics and, in turn, the permanence of the memories my mosaics create."


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